Saturday, April 1, 2017 Hosted by Gay Ohio Britney Blaire

AXIS • 775 N. High St. • Columbus, OH 43215 Doors Open 7:00pm • Show starts at 8pm

BEARvillities™ is produced by friends and members of the GLTB community with 100% of all proceeds being donated back to Kaleidoscope Youth Center in support of their vision for LGBTQ youth to live healthy, whole lives with acceptance and freedom from oppression.


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As a youth service agency serving the Central Ohio area, Kaleidoscope Youth Center has become a well-respected community-based organization providing direct services to youth, training and education to youth service providers, and important information relating to sexual orientation and gender identity issues to the community at large. From peer-to-peer programs to HIV prevention and education and after-school programs, Kaleidoscope assists LGBTQ youth in the transition to healthy, productive adult and provides them with the necessary tools to become leaders in the greater community.
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